My Journey ~ before my current journey

Some personal words to you. If you landed here on my website I'm assuming that you are interested in living a life with more freedom - be it physically, emotionally or spiritually - or all of it together. And maybe you don't even would call it like that.

However - I became a bit more aware of that I was actually longing for something that didn't have a name when I started taking Alexander Technique lessons at the age of 20. Before that I new that I was suffering (manifested in eating disorders and pain in my shoulders) but I didn't really know what was going on - leave alone how to change it.

After attempts of working with behavioralistic psychotherapy, I came across the Alexander Technique and began to take my weekly lessons. I had no idea how impactful this would be in my life. The biggest revelation was: there was an alternative to painful shoulders and negative self talk. And there was an alternative to feeling like a victim to circumstances. I started the journey of understanding how I was fighting myself from within.

I got introduced to my inner landscape on more and more levels. I started feeling my body from within and how pleasurable it could be to live in and as this body. This body: being a source of so much. I was still studying music back then and the Alexander lessons helped me dealing with the stress and tension with which I was reacting to the given tasks.

More and more the Alexander Technique was not only helping me to deal with tension and stress but also to really start enjoying performing again and to experiment with all these awareness tools that I had learned. Between the age of 21 and 30 I was very much dedicated to our project Erdbeerfeld (a sound art pop music project with my former partner Sascha Wild). I loved writing songs and creating multi channel sound art performances in unusual places and in collaboration with artists of other disciplines. The love for space and perceiving the space around me and within me and playing with that space and the sounds being moved through our multi channel set ups were perceived within me with even more joy as I was becoming more and more at home in my body.

In 2009 a new chapter began and I separated from my partner and from making music. In 2008 I had co-founded the Zentrum für Alexander-Technik in Berlin Mitte and was now about to dedicate my life very much to developing this space, and diving deeply into further eductation in Alexander Technique, Gestalttherapy and other body mind soul related modalities. How could I make it possible to earn my money with what I truly loved and with a method that actually not so many people know of? A whole other adventurous story of my life was about building a business.

Now in 2018 I completed my time in Berlin and with the Zentrum für Alexander-Technik and handed it over to other loving hands. More about my new chapter of laying down former identities and being a wanderer for a while ... you can read in my Blog or you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

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