I feel very grateful and humbled that after years of struggle with my body and self ... somehow on my path I got to experience and learn how to be at home within myself and my body and how to hold and to be space for myself throughout the currents of life. I’m right now on this extended quest and journey home and was just gifted the experience of a vision quest, that led me to a place of a deep knowing of belonging and knowing about my unique place in this world - of being at home. I’m here to support you to discover and remember your unique place of being at home within yourself and in this world and to live from this place of deep trust ...
— Susanne

Professional Bio

Susanne helps to reconnect and ground you in your body and therefore your life.
She supports you with centring in peace and establishing a sense of freedom throughout your whole being.
To finding your very own stillness, clarity and aliveness within. Allowing your (nervous)system remember its natural, relaxed and grounded state.

Twenty years of study and ten years of teaching the Alexander Technique, a training as a Gestalttherapist combined with a background as a sound artist and professional musician makes her work multidimensional. She founded and co-lead the Zentrum für Alexander-Technik in Berlin Mitte for 10 years, gives one on one sessions in person and online and facilitates workshops in different places. She has been leading 15+ intensive Retreats for women in the countryside with her dear friend and colleague Leonie von Arnim. She is co-creator of Mindful Music Making Retreats, alongside with the Violinist Alina Pogostkina and Leonie von Arnim.

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During the session, I felt like I was finally able to connect to a deep inner awareness in my body. I always knew it was there, but I didn’t know how to make this connection. Sensing my inner landscape and my body as three-dimensional made me feel more present from within. As well, I felt like I could finally hear the messages my body was telling me, and now I can act on them.
— Jobina, Dancer, Canada

My journey back home into my body & Self.

Some personal words to you. If you landed here on my website I'm assuming that you are interested in living a life with more freedom - be it physically, emotionally or spirtually - or all of it together. And maybe you don't even would call it like that.

However - I became a bit more aware of that I was actually longing for something that didn't have a name when I started taking Alexander Technique lessons at the age of 20. Before that I new that I was suffering (manifested in eating disorders and pain in my shoulders) but I didn't really know what was going on leave alone how to change it.

After attempts of working with behavioralistic psychotherapy, I came across the Alexander Technique and began to take weekly lessons. I had no idea how impactful this would be in my life. The biggest revelation was: there was an alternative to painful shoulders and negative self talk! And there was an alternative to feeling like a victim to circumstances. I started the journey of understanding how I was fighting myself from within. CONTINUE READING HERE.


Studies & Trainings

  • 1999-2005 music studies (violin, piano) and german literature, Mainz

  • Since 2000 Alexander Technique lessons on a regular basis

  • 2001-2009 Music and sound art project with many live performances and 2 album releases with the Duo Erdbeerfeld

  • 2005-2008 Alexander Technique teacher training, Berlin

  • 2008-2018 founded and ran the Zentrum für Alexander-Technik Berlin and running a full time private practice. Leading more than 80 Alexander Technique / Gestalt workshops. Several Gestalt therapy weekend seminars together with Tarima Schulz.

  • 2009-2013 Gestalt therapy training, Berlin

  • 2014-2018 Co founder (with Leonie von Arnim) of Brodowin Retreats. Für Frauen. Co-facilitator of more than 15 Women's intensive Retreats and 20 workshops for women.

  • Since 2008 constant further education world wide in Alexander Technique and other modalities and since 2014 also with Michaela Boehm.

  • 2017 Training as a Wild Woman's Circle facilitator with Michaela Boehm

  • 2018 / 2019 Mentoring Program and Vision Quest with Rain Czupryna.

  • 2019 Training as Vision Quest Protector with Kate Rydge & Sam Robertson (Nature Philosophy) and Steve McKenzie (Soulpaths)

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