A loving connection with your body & self

Are you longing for a deeper, more loving connection with your body?
To let go of the struggle against yourself and experience peace from within?
Would you like to re-discover trust, confidence and the connection with your inner wisdom?

I'm here to assist you on your path of finding your way back home to being at home in yourself. So that you can act in your life with more ease, clarity and joy. Feeling connected to your body. Trusting your heart and inner knowingness.

The last two sessions have helped me so much!
The session before the last one gave me confidence and the last one the courage to clarify and talk about things. Many of my “maybes” have now turned into clarity.
I also love, that we always have this mix of Alexander Technique, therapy ... and your supporting presence.
— Miriam Otto, Designer


Finding back into wholeness through doing less

After 10 years of supporting people of all ages on their journeys of reconnecting with their bodies, inner clarity and beingness in 6000+ one on one sessions, 20+ retreats and many workshops, my fascination about the ability of our organisms to calm down, self regulate, integrate and become more free, grounded and balanced - is even growing. And with “bodies” I mean also our emotional bodies.

Through different paths and mainly through a now 20 year long deep immersion into the Alexander Technique, it became very clear to me, that it is most of the time, that we do to much which causes our disconnections. That we do interfere with the nature of our bodies, contract without remembering the pathway to expand again (habitually or caused by trauma), and that we also lose touch with our emotional bodies and the world by being very busy internally.

Presence, Simplicity and the “complications” of life

I oftentimes observe how I myself and so many people I have the privilege to accompany, get into their way of being present here now. How we tend to only use one or two of our senses for instance. Or how the mind gets in the way of experiencing what’s here. Through that we are not only numbing our pain, but also the huge pleasure that can be experienced through our bodies through our senses. (I say this with great compassion and the knowing that these strategies of distracting from what’s here can also be born from all kinds of trauma. It’s not about saying one is better than the other. It’s about having a greater range of possibilities, if we want to. It’s about slowly expanding the capacity to integrate the uncomfortable and become more alive and free.)

When we start recognizing and getting in touch with the presence within which all this aliveness is experienced, we get in touch with a simplicity that supports us through difficult and painful moments. Even within the process and journey of finding back home to ourselves and bodies - even within a crisis, that might feel overwhelming and complicated. It’s the stillness of presence where we “meet” and where “we are met” with simplicity and transparency. And the unconditional permission to exactly feel how we are feeling now. To meet ourselves right here.

I’m here with you

In one on one conversation, I’m here to accompany you in reconnecting with this space of awareness - within which sensations, experiences, life events, complications, coping strategies, longings, desires are felt, met and seen and can reorganize and integrate into the wholeness of your being. The nervous system is calming down and the opportunity presents itself to see deeper and clearer what is here physically, emotionally within you. To also see what is here that already supports you. And maybe what’s here that is lying a bit in the dark and which - by uncovering its hidden gift - will support you to live your life in an even deeper and more intimate connection with your body, heart & soul. And the world.


Being heard & being seen

A safe space to uncover, discover and reconnect with deeper parts of yourself and to come home into wholeness.


Mindful music making

Retreats for musicians. For more humanness, love and inner peace. In collaboration with Alina Pogotskina and Leonie von Arnim.

Thank you again for exploring that space with me, and for having such a strong sense of presence that I could keep coming back to. You are a wonderful and caring teacher, and you have inspired me very much.
— Winston, Artist

Practices for finding back home into your body and heart.