A safe space

Dear You.

Are you feeling disconnected from your inner world?
Do you feel there is more to be discovered within yourself, that you can’t quite access?
Do you feel a longing for being more deeply connected with yourself the human and more than human world?
Would you like to discover the hidden treasures within your depths?

If you can relate to these topics or if you simply feel drawn to taking steps into that direction
of reconnecting with your wholeness and the great mystery that you are: get in touch.

In our one on one sessions you get the space and time to be deeply seen and heard. You will experience a space that is free of judgment. Where you can meet yourself as you are and where images, deep knowing and truth can emerge from the depth of your being.

Through inquiry and reconnection with awareness and what is happening within the body and the images of your soul, you’ll get to encounter your resources and your potential to live a life that is rooted in a deep place within you. Things become clearer. And more magical. I feel honored to accompany you on your way back home into your own true nature … and to a place of belonging.

Truth and Love is showing the way.


  • If you feel the calling to reconnect with your deeper being

  • If you’re feeling confused about something

  • If your inner critic is very present

  • If you’re lacking a sense of belonging

  • When you know it’s time to lovingly look into yourself


1 Meeting yourself where you are = Single session / 60 min / 120 €
2 Landing on the ground = 5 sessions / 60 min / 550 €
3 Continuous company = 3 months or more / get in touch (currently only 2 spots available)

The last two sessions have helped me so much!
The session before the last one gave me confidence and the last one the courage to clear and talk about things. Many of my “maybes” have now clarity.
I also love, that we always to a mix of Alexander Technique and therapy ... and support.
— Miriam Otto, Designer