Imagine playing from a place of trust …

As a musician you probably know all the themes around self worth - tied to how your performance went. The themes of pain in the body - the sometimes never ending voice of “never good enough”. The theme of comparison with others in a way that let’s you loose your connection to your very own gift of expressing yourself through music …

In our Mindful Music Making Retreats (with Alina Pogostkina and Leonie von Arnim) we address all those topics in a deeply embodied and sustainable way. Our community is growing and it’s just wonderful to see the support that people provide for each other - during and after the retreats!

It’s much more than about calming down the struggles and experiencing a greater depth and joy in playing. It’s coming back home into a field of understanding, support, love, community.


Around the retreats I’m also available for one on one sessions. To support preparing or integrating and keeping the connection to yourself, trust and body alive.

If you feel called, get in touch for a free conversation

Upcoming Retreats with the three of us: August 2020

Will share the upcoming 2019 dates with Alina & Leonie soon - here!

In service and with love,

There are many things I could write about the Mindful Music Making retreat I participated but to make it short and powerful: it has changed the way I view my every day life, the way I practice, the way I pretty much experience my own existence as a whole being daily. I got to share my experience with a group of wonderful people, learn from each other and from the great coaches at the retreat. Dear Alina, Susanne and Leonie - I’m simply grateful!
— Müge Sak, Violinist